Wound Haemostatic Antimicrobial Non Woven Sterile Dressings Alginate Dressing

Short Description:


  • Place of Origin:: Zhejiang, China
  • Brand Name:: OEM
  • Disinfecting Type:: Ultraviolet Light
  • Properties:: Medical Materials & Accessories
  • Size:: i-2.5*7.5,i-5*5 or for you to choice
  • Material:: non woven
  • Instrument classification:: Class II
  • Quality Certification: ce
  • Safety standard: EN 149 -2001+A1-2009
  • Product Detail

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    Product Name alginate dressing
    Color white
    Material Non woven fiber
    Sterile EOS
    Package 1piece/pouch,50pouches/box

    Product Description

    Product performance: It has gelling properties, is sterile, has no skin sensitization, no irritation, and cytotoxicity is not greater than level 1.
    Product structure: Alginate dressing (Type Ⅰ) is composed of medical non-woven fabric or film tape, alginate dressing core, release paper or (and) isolation film; Alginate dressing (Type Ⅱ) is composed of alginate dressing core composition.
    Product composition: The main components of the alginate core are sodium alginate and calcium alginate.

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