Medical Grade Material 100ml 150ml 200ml Pca And CBI Disposable Infusion Pump

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≥50 pieces

  • Disinfecting Type: : Ethylene oxide
  • Material: : 100ml,150ml, 200ml, 275ml
  • Material:: Medical grade material
  • Size: : 100ml, 150ml, 200ml, 275ml
  • Feature: : Wound
  • Usage:: Medical ProtectionHospitai / clinical Infusion
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    a Infusion tubing suitable for administration of viscous and irritant medication used in chemotherapy.
    b Durable protective plastic housing.

    Various function and sizes available: 60ML 100ML 150ML 200ML 275ML

    d 1: Basal Type
    Offer continuous infusion of medications
    e 2: Basal+PCA bolus type
    Deliver medications with both continuous and bolus doses.Continuous dose is delivered at prescribed basal flow rate; when the
    pain spikes,PCA device gives bolus dose on patient’s demand with lockout time for safety.
    f 3: Multi-rate Type(with or without PCA bolus)
    A variety of four flow rates per model,tailored to meet specific customer requirements.Flow rate can be adjusted by switching the
    regulator key during the process of infusion.After flow rate is set up,regulator key can be detached and kept by doctors or nurses
    for the sake of safety.


    1. For clinical pain-easing treatment,single use.
    2. It use the flexibility of the silicon reservoir to allow for a constant minimal drop control through the capillary catheter, in order to guarantee a safe efficient continuous ese-pain infusion.
    3. CBI + PCA: continuance + self-control infusion
    4. 100ml, 150ml, 200ml, 275ml four sizes available
    5. 2ml/hr---10ml/hr flow rate new type flow rate:0-2-4-6-8-10-12-14ml/h
    6. CBI & PCA
    7. CE & ISO13485

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