2500ulRobotic Tips Hitachi/AT02MHT-B-B

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Compatible with:2500ulRobotic Tips Hitachi/AT02MHT-B-BFeature:      l Products are produced in 100,000 class clean room (Class 8).l Products are essential DNase, RNase, and so on.

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Compatible with:
2500ulRobotic Tips Hitachi/AT02MHT-B-B
Products are produced in 100,000 cass cean room (Cass 8).
Products are essentia DNase, RNase, and pyrogen free.
Products can be steriized by E-bean and verified by SGS.
Patent:Possess many patents for unique design and utiity.
Use high grade of PP materia directy imported from US.
Main market: China mainand. North America. Asia. Europe. South America and so on. Customers incuding: Quest, Biotix, etc.
ISO 9001/13485, ISO 14001 and CE certified.
Genomics ● Proteomics ● Cellomics ● Immunoassays ● Metabolomics ● General Liquid handling
Items NO. Working Volume Packing Specification
AT02MHT-B-B 2500ul 500pcs/bag ,10bags/case 2500ul Hitachi tips,bulk,blue

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